AI Healthcare, Digital Health Startups Make Their Cases at Healthcare Demo Day in Taiwan

TMU BioMed Accelerator x BE Accelerator’s healthcare demo day will be hosted virtually on July 20. Nine Taiwanese as well as international startups will pitch their moonshot healthcare solutions in the fields of Digital Health, Medical Devices and AI Healthcare.

For the past 24 weeks, the nine startups and our accelerator teams worked with mentors and partners to make this acceleration program remarkable. As the world marks a year and a half of intense disruption by the COVID pandemic, our teams still demonstrated extraordinary resilient solutions through the digital transformation of our program.

There are nine startups from Taiwan and Singapore:

[Download] Optimizing the integration of DFM and P&R

UpperMed: Singapore-based MedTech company which is working on home dialysis remote management service.

Meracle: improves the management of chronic respiratory diseases by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to optimize the assessment of treatment outcomes

Atgenomix: accelerates future life science and help overwhelmed researchers and clinicians deal with the immense challenges of data deluge in genomics.

SiriuXense: builds the “Smart Care Ecosystem for All Ages” by integrating bioacoustics sensing technology, algorithm, IoT, and a data-driven platform.

LuminX: A Pharmacokinetic Platform for Preclinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Cells

ezOxygen Spirometer: utilizes exclusive passive ultrasonic detection technology to record the sound from the user’s exhalation, transmit to mobile app and calculate as lung function parameters, provide user managing their own lung health status.

B.D.Mobile: medical technology company committed to making cardiac diagnostics scalable and accessible to everyone, by creating solutions for clinicians to face the ever-increasing demand for diagnostics.

PROPHET: AI Bio-maker model using AI technology to screen cancer and provide the prediction.

HomeXin: Provide hospitalized families comprehensive help services.

All participants of the virtual demo day will have access to the event live and the recorded video. Moreover, we will have an exclusive campaign for registered VIP in our mailing list, including VIP booklets files and the opportunity to attend 1-1 facilitated introductions with the founders.

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