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2023 PoC Acceleration Program
Recruiting Starts

About BE Health

About BE Health

BE Health is the largest institution with venture fund and accelerator dedicated for healthtech, medtech and digital health startups.


Based in Taiwan, we leverage the unique strengths of our thriving ecosystem to position as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups.


Since 2018, we have backed seventy-two healthcare entrepreneurs, and raised $100M+ USD successfully.


Proof of Clinical Evidence Program

BE PoC  program (Proof of Clinical Evidence) follows a 20-24-week curriculum for every stage of startups verifying feasibility and
market demand.


The program recruits 1 batch
per year and BE use Taiwan as their launchpad
into the Asian market.

Hospital Resources

Hospital Resources

TMU logo.png

Taiwan's first international medical university accelerator with a perfect medical market place, clinical advantages, biomedical and artificial intelligence talents, focusing on digital health, artificial intelligence and medical equipment, assisting start-up to raise funds , community and international resource linkage, coaching  and reducing development risks, clinical trial planning, establishing medical pathways.

Assist the startup teams to make good use of Taipei medical University clinical field and dedicated team of professional physicians, counsel the startup team’s product clinical verification strategy, enable the startup team to accelerate the products into the clinical field, provide entrepreneurial funds and assist in raising funds, Establish engagement with international accelerator and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

icad logo.png

Showchwan health care system is the largest privately-owned hospital group in Taiwan, with 10 hospitals, over 3,700 beds, and 6,000 employees.  Innovation and patient-oriented service have always been its core values since being founded in 1973 by Dr Min-ho Huang.  The mission is to offer leading-edge technology and services to under-served areas.  In addition to tertiary medical services, it also has facilities catering to elderly, maternal health, and comprehensive cancer care.

Originated from Ircad located in Strasbourg, France, it is the largest and most advanced minimally invasive training center in Asia.  Established 2008,  it has trained over 12,000 physicians from over 80 countries, running close to 100 workshops annually.  In addition to surgical training, it also boasts an advanced research center as well as an incubation center for medical start-ups.  It is the perfect hub for innovations.  Located in Lugang Industrial Park, in the center of Taiwan, it is an ideal center with many resources necessary for the success of med-tech start-ups. 

Our Team

Our Team

Asset 12_2x.png

Tom Chang

Accelerator Lead


Former Lead Consultant at Healthcare multinational corporation

Core Competence

B2B Healthcare business model analysis
Business operations


Derek Yen

Junior Program Manager


Resident doctor of General Medicine at Taipei City Hospital

Core Competence

Sharing insight via clinical perspective
Directing program in strong reasoning strategy


Joseph Shen

Senior Medical Affairs Manager


Medical Team Manager of Safety Department at the 3rd party lab

Core Competence

Product development of medical device                              Testing and certification of medical device


Wen Huang

Medical Affiar Manager


Former CRO Account Manager and Project Manager of New Drug Development Department

Core Competence

Clinical study affairs guidance and coordination
Clinical site negotiation and relative vendor management 


Joey Huang

Junior Medical Affiar Manager


Registered Respiratory Therapist and Former General Manager of medical equipment

Core Competence

Linking-up and matching clinical resources
Guiding for prototypes importing and manufacturing
Consulting for Regulations of National Health Insurance 


Hans Lee

Investment Associate


US CPA with healthcare venture investment and solar finance experiences

Core Competence

Conduct quantitative and qualitative deep due diligence on startups
Develop investment theses around pitch deck review, 1-1 meetings and present top investment opportunities at weekly partners meetings. 


Demo Day

  • Pitching.

  • Recruitment into Growth program for selected teams.

Boot Camp

  • Orientation day.

  • Milestone/objective setting.


  • Curriculum providing insight into various fundamental business modules.

  • Develop a sound business model in the hospital.


  • Mentor day.

  • One-on-One consultation.

  • Resource matching (physicians, industry professionals, investors).

Program Timeline

POC Timeline_2x.png



Why is Taiwan a good ecosystem for you to come and validate your solution for the Asia market?

- Location: Average of 2h55m flight to six major cities in western Pacific. - Medical Resources: Collected over 20 years of digitized, single-payer medical data from NHI. - Technology: Strength in creating proprietary technology, R&D & manufacturing. - Innovation: Taiwan is focused on having an innovation-driven economy.


What can I expect to get out of BE PoC Accelerator Program?

The BE PoC Accelerator Program provides the ideal opportunity for international startups to explore business opportunities in Asia. With our network of hospitals, startups can explore unmet clinical needs through needs validation, establishing a hospital pilot site, and access to medical resources. Startups interested in clinical trial, manufacturing, data access and fundraising resources will also benefit from our network across Taiwan and Asia.


Are there any fees for participating in this PoC program?

The program is free for enrolled startups. There may be costs associated with teams interested in traveling to Taiwan for business opportunities, but this is not a prerequisite. However, in regard to IRB Submission, protocol discussion/ review/ writing, data collection, contact/ budget negotiation, and clinical coordination service out of the phase, might have additional fee.


How will the program take precautions during Covid-19? Can the program be completed virtually?

Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, travel is limited to and from Taiwan. However, over the last 2 years, our accelerator program has shifted to a virtual/hybrid model. International startups can participate in the program and access the same resources as those in Taiwan. Meetings with hospital partners, supply chain resources, and regulatory experts are all conducted virtually and will be scheduled on a 1-on-1 basis that is suited to your schedule. All our program coursework will be recorded and available in English so that our startups have access to workshops related to market strategy, reimbursement, regulatory, and fundraising.


What is the time commitment for participating in the PoC Accelerator program?

The program runs for a 20-24 week period, but a full-time commitment is not required. The main reason for the length of the program is to facilitate the proper engagement with our hospital partners and the relevant clinicians. This is something that usually takes time and requires multiple engagements. Weekly, the time allocation for the program will roughly be about 3-5 hours depending on the course material for the week and the number of hospital engagements.


How can I choose the cohort that fits my business?

Startups that apply to our program are allocated to one of our hospital partners depending on their area of focus. This is as each hospital has different areas of interest and resources to help startups. Taipei Medical University is focused on working with startups in the areas of digital health, artificial intelligence, and medical devices. Show Chwan Healthcare System is dedicated to working with startups that focus on minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, and smart surgical room solutions. If you are uncertain which hospital to apply for, please reach out directly to the BE team or apply to the program that you believe is most suitable and we will make any changes during the selection period.


Will my team get a guaranteed initial investment to participate in the PoC program?

According to the experience from previous batches, the chances for the accelerated companies to be invested are 10%. The primary concern of the investment evaluation is whether the company can provide relevant information for us to conduct a certain degree of due diligence, while the other key aspect is the strategic synergy between BE and the company. We conduct due diligence based on the stage of the company, and the main categories include Business, Technology, Finance, Regulation, and Legal and Related Matters. In general, it will take about three months from the first meeting to the final decision of the Investment Committee. Since the strategic synergy between BE and the company is a key aspect of our investment evaluation, as a hospital VC, the progress of the collaboration between the companies and our two partner hospitals will play a critical role in due diligence.

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